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"Stella Ling Sculptures and Drawing", Consulate General of Mexico Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Stella Ling "Site Memory" Sculptures, Takada Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Lightcast offers custom designed and fabricated cast paper light fixtures for residential, institutional, and commercial spaces. Founded by designer/fabricator, Stella Ling, Lightcast offers two distinct lines of hand cast paper lights: Kinwashi and Kombu, custom designed and crafted in-house from start to finish. These custom cast paper lights are designed to give rise to simple, organic, and timeless forms, and also promote the use of natural, sustainable material that can in turn be intricately crafted and used in an environmentally responsible way. 

For the Kinwashi serieseach light fixture is fabricated using Kinwashi natural hand made paper carried by Hiromi paper. These glossy Manila hemp fibers are beaten, boiled, bleached and then mixed with kozo fibers, to give the kinwashi paper its distinctive appearance. In the Kombu series, each light is fabricated using 100% kombu or kelp, whereby all kombu paper are fabricated by Lightcast. The select kombu undergo an extensive fabrication process where they are soaked, boiled, beaten, and then formed to become sheets of paper that yield an unusually strong, natural fiber strength, and give rise to a unique, distinct translucent quality. 

The choice of natural materials for these handmade papers reduces demand for new materials that require both water and oil for production. Through creating these cast paper lights, our goal is to promote environmentally conscious ways of thinking and working while turning natural material into something functionally useful and aesthetically beautiful. In the process of creating each light, our emphasis is to work in a highly creative and responsible fashion, and provide custom light fixtures that serve long lasting practical needs for a multitude of spaces. 

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